Pornographic Magazines

Many things can be said with the purpose of advertising these magazines – but let’s face it, no one needs a further incentive to buy porn. Although it does help to know they will be delivered straight to your door in discrete packaging, to spare you the postman’s awkward smile.

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Regardless of the number and diversity of pornographic magazines one subscribes to, the classics are a must. Read and contemplated by millions of men worldwide, the most successful publications of this genre are true works of art, as well as collection items. The very best are Hustler Magazine, Penthouse US Magazine and Playboy Magazine, which is available in a few more variants, Playboy’s Lingerie Magazine, Playboy Presents Magazine, Playboy’s Special Magazine and Playboy Private Collection Magazine.

Nowadays there are more pornographic periodicals than ever before. Women of all ages take advantage of the diminishing inhibitions and prejudices in present day society, and fulfill their aspiration of stardom by revealing you their beauty. If you want to see the youngest porn stars and models, check out 18 Up DVD Magazine, Best of Teen Angels Magazine and Eighteen Magazine. For mature women, perhaps enjoying the same stage in their lives as yourself, you’ll never be able to complain about a lack of choices. No age group is missing from the porn scene, so have a look at practiced ladies over 30, 40, 50 and even 60 in sophisticated publications such as 30 Up Magazine, 40 Something Magazine, 50s Magazine and 60 Up Magazine, which prove that the passing of time has not taken away their sexual appeal.

Surely it’s nice to get a unique type of cultural experience by admiring the physiques of exotic women from all over the world, and if you’re into foreign ladies, make sure you get Asian Babes Magazine. However, for a chance to see some of the sexiest women closer to home, don’t miss Best Of UK Wives Magazine and Naughty Brits Magazine.

With the current explosion of celebrity culture, some celebs have lost all shyness and have decided to take their clothes off, for the enchantment of all their male admirers. To see them in all their glory, don’t hesitate to subscribe to visual delights like Adult Sport Magazine.

Since every man has a different taste as regards the opposite sex, the porn industry is happy to break free from the archetypes and acknowledge the sexual allure of women of all shapes and sizes. Whilst some men prefer petites and publications such as Petite Magazine will be their cup of tea, others are visually attracted to more voluptuous shapes and curves, and will opt for Plumpers and Big Women Magazine, Voluptuous Magazine and Size 16 Up Magazine instead.

And if you get your kicks from strange and kinky images, such as BDSM, fetishes and breast enlargement taken to the extremes, you can find an imaginative array of those in the likes of Gent Special Magazine, Desire BDSM Magazine and Desire Fetish Magazine.

Of course not all pornography is reserved for straight men and women. If you’re searching for high-quality gay or lesbian magazines, some of the best are Diva Magazine, Freshmen Magazine, Men Magazine, Unzipped Magazine and Gay Times Magazine.

As you can see, you have already found your all-comprising source of pornographic magazines, so there’s no reason not to subscribe today.